Cardinal on a tree limb in winter

Remember Beauty

Sometimes we forget about beauty. Under a constant bombardment of tragic news and the rush of our busy lives, beauty gets overlooked. We forget to look, to pay attention. There are so many distractions. We become slaves to a to-do list. We barely notice what’s going on around us because we’re so caught up in getting things done. Our lives become a blur of moving from one task or crisis to the next. Of course, sad and terrible things do happen. I’m not denying that there is suffering. I’m not saying let’s all be Pollyanna or cling to those ever-fashionable rose-colored glasses. What I’m saying is that no matter what, there is beauty.

Catch a glimpse of the sun glowing orange in the sky, whether from your living room window or at the wheel of your car. Listen to rain pattering on the windowpanes. Notice how fall leaves burst with technicolor. When winter rolls in, see the starkness of the landscape, dotted by bright, red cardinals.

There’s more to life than a to-do list. Remember to take a moment—even put it on your to-do list if you have to—and notice. Notice how beautiful the world really is.

Photo by Jody Confer on Unsplash

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