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You’ve Got the Power

So often so many of us don’t think we have any power. We have been taught to believe that power lies outside of us. That we should just do what we’re told or what we’re “supposed” to do. Most of us learned that at an early age. Yet, we have way more power than we may think we do.

If you truly want to make changes in your life, if you want to transform your life, it starts with you. It starts with your mindset, how you see yourself. It starts where you are. What’s no longer working? What doesn’t fit anymore?

Often a major transformation means letting go of the past. This may mean letting go of old beliefs, jobs, or even relationships. And as you begin your journey of transformation, certain things in your life will fade away. Personal transformation is an alchemical process—it’s the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Recognizing that you have power to create change may even feel scary. But what’s the alternative? Do you remain where you are? Is it worth it? These kinds of changes usually don’t come easily, and they’re often spurred because of discomfort. Something just doesn’t fit anymore and it becomes more and more uncomfortable.

If you do feel unsettled by the idea of your own power, maybe take some time to consider what that’s about for you. Try journaling your thoughts. Are you afraid of the responsibility? Are you afraid of rejection? Losing someone’s approval? Something else?

One way to begin to increase your personal power is to make a commitment to yourself. Committing to something gives us the chance to build confidence, which in turn builds our personal power. By setting a goal and following through, we experience the satisfaction of accomplishment. You can start with a small commitment. It could be something like making a phone call you’ve been putting off or completing a project that’s been hanging over your head. It could be as “simple” as running an errand you’ve been avoiding for some reason.When we decide to show up and do things that seem hard or unpleasant, we are reminded that we are agents of change in our own lives.

Earlier this week I started taking yoga classes again. It had been a while since I had a regular practice (which was obvious once I got back on the mat!). Allowing myself to recommit to yoga gives me a chance to exercise my power in a healthy way. It provides a holistic way to honor my body, mind, and spirit. I get a work out and a work “in”! It reminds me that I alone have the power to take care of myself. Giving myself the gift of yoga helps me increase my sense of self worth. It provides space to get quiet, grounded, and centered, to breathe deep, and to stretch my body. To listen to my body. To hear my spirit whisper. To both take a break and to be fully present.

As adults, we always have options—and we make choices— from whether or not we get out of bed, to whether or not we take care of our bodies, to how we choose to treat others. How do you want to use your power?

(Photo by raquel raclette on Unsplash)

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