Feeling Stuck? - Julie Goolsby

Feeling Stuck? Maybe It’s Time to Move

Sometimes you have to change the energy. Feeling stagnant? Spinning your wheels? Go for a walk. Sit in a different spot. If you’re working from home you could even try sitting on the floor (which is where I’m sitting right now as I write this) because why not?

How about a little workspace feng shui? Something as simple as rearranging your desk could provide a much-needed shift. If you have more freedom to personalize your workspace, try moving your desk. Or, bring in some houseplants or some simple artwork that brings you joy. You can also make these kinds of changes to your living space as well. You may be amazed at how much your spirit lifts just by moving your stuff!

If you can’t change your workspace and you can’t go for a walk, maybe you can change your routine. Take a different route to work. Do your daily tasks in a different order. This could be as simple as showering at night instead of in the morning or vice versa. Or, break your breakfast routine. I think you get the idea—even a simple change can shift your perspective and refresh your mental state.

Get creative and have fun with this. How about listening to some music (or turning it off) while you work? Take five minutes and do something that breaks your routine and see what happens. Surprise yourself!

Here are a few ideas to get you rolling. I’m calling this list “One Week of One.” The idea is to make one small change each day for one week. You can use the suggestions on the list or throw in your own. Go for it!

One Week of One

  1. Change 1 thing in your routine.
  2. Move 1 thing in your home or work space.
  3. Throw away 1 thing you don’t need anymore.
  4. Try 1 new food.
  5. Listen to 1 song by a band you’ve never heard before.
  6. Go to 1 new place.
  7. Say “hello” to 1 new person.

(Image by Katarina Šikuljak on Unsplash)

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