Sometimes You Need Someday

So often we hear about avoiding procrastination and the importance of “getting things done.” Believe me, I love getting things done! I love checking things off my to-do list. I get antsy if I feel like I’m not accomplishing my goals for the day or if I have strayed from my routine. I often ask myself, why can’t I be more focused? Why haven’t I accomplished more? Then I’m wracked with self-doubt and impostor syndrome and I just want to curl up and take a nap and forget about it all. I exhaust myself.

But then there’s someday. Ah! It’s like a beautiful, faraway land with mermaids and pristine beaches and walks by the light of the full moon. When I start feeling bogged down, when I’m overwhelmed, I can daydream about someday. And it keeps me going. Someday, I’ll publish that book (or more!). Someday, my husband and I will buy that property and build our own home. Someday, we’ll travel to Iceland. Someday … you get the idea.

Sometimes you need someday. You need to dream. You need something to look forward to. Someday is where hope meets intention.

Hope may sound humble, passive even, but don’t be fooled. In hope there is a silent flame, a warm hearth to gather around when the world feels cold and relentless. Rest easy by the flames of hope. Warm your hands and your heart. And when you’re ready, get up and get going again.

There may be times when it feels like there are no options, no way forward. Don’t be fooled. Harness your doubt, fear, and the days when you feel like nothing will ever change, to hope. Sometimes it may seem like it’s all you have.

What’s your someday? What’s one small step you can take now to one day make your someday your today? But, remember—while you’re planning for tomorrow—that this day is still a gift, even if it doesn’t feel that way when you’re in the middle of “getting things done.”

If you want a little more inspiration, check out this short, powerful film.

(Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash)

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