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Do You Have 5 Minutes?

I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated lately. I haven’t been making time to write or do anything creative. Aside from picking up a book now and then, I haven’t been doing much to feed my soul. And my soul is hungry.

My first reaction is to get down on myself and start attacking myself with the “shoulds.” I don’t have kids, I “should” be able to find time for these things. I “should” make time. I “should” be more disciplined. You get the idea …

Well, this isn’t productive and it doesn’t solve the problem or feed my soul. So, it’s important to take a different perspective and think about other ways to give myself some creative nourishment. By the way, doing something you enjoy is a form of self-care and we all need self-care.

It may be a challenge to find large blocks of time and energy to work on creative projects or interests. However, most of us have five minutes. I can set a timer and write or draw for five minutes. I can read a book for five minutes. I can play some music I love and dance like no one is watching for five minutes. And if these things are easily accessible, I can pick them up or press play whenever I have five minutes to spare. This can be as simple as having a journal on hand or keeping a book within reach.

What can you do for five minutes that will lift your spirits, feed your soul, and help keep your inner fire lit?

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