All That Matters

I eat oatmeal for breakfast. I burn palo santo and diffuse frankincense oil. My salt lamp glows. It’s still dark outside. I sit in silence at my desk. The stillness is a deep pool. Calming and refreshing. The traffic on I-65 in the distance roars like ocean waves. In this moment, I am here. I am calm. My purpose doesn’t matter. Work doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. Just being here. The stillness. Being. That’s all that matters.

So often we’re restless. Not able to just be. We’re searching frantically for our purpose. Turning the place upside down trying to find it. Never satisfied. Always unsure, looking to the next thing. What if there is no “next thing”? There’s just now (thank you, Eckhart Tolle and Buddha). The whole point is to just be and show up. Be present. Sit in the stillness. Be there for each other. Turn off the mind chatter—let the ego take a break and go out for ice cream.

My message to you: You’re more than enough. You’re amazing. You have everything you need. Love someone. Let them love you. Smile. Laugh often. Hug your friends. Take a deep breath in. Let it out. Do it again. Remember: Every day is a good day.

(Featured image: Stock image, free from Pixabay)

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