At the Seaside by W. Merritt Chase

Days and Days: Where Did the Summer Go?

It has been days and days since I’ve written anything. The month of July whooshed by, with every weekend booked solid and travel on almost every one. I just spent the past week recovering from the July madness and this weekend I reveled in being at home—my sanctuary. Don’t get me wrong—it has been great to spend time with family and friends, celebrating some big milestones (my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary, for example) and catching up with old friends. But the go-go-go wiped me out. I’m an introvert, so I need time alone to recharge my batteries. Plus, I tend to have a steady, slow-burning energy; I’m not a Type A with boundless energy, so I can run out of gas fast if I overdo it.

I’m looking forward to a slower pace in August, as we begin the transition from summer to fall—though we still have almost two months of summer left. Now’s the time, at least here in the South, when the days are hot, but the trees slowly start turning from green to gold, shedding their leaves in anticipation of fall. Mornings are a little cooler. Summer gardens begin to wane, plants bolting or withering. The days are slowly getting shorter again. Soon it will be time for sweaters and warm beverages.

There’s a certain comfort in both the change of seasons and the familiarity of each one—like an old friend come to visit. Whether it’s slowing down and retiring in fall and winter, or reawakening to the sun and outdoor activities in spring and summer, we are reminded that each season brings its purpose.

So as your summer begins to wind down, what are you looking forward to this fall? How did you spend your summer? How do you recharge?

(Image: At the Seaside by William Merritt Chase, oil on canvas, 1892. Courtesy of The Met’s Open Access program.)

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