The Heron

I sat on a rotting wooden bench, sullen and frustrated, when suddenly a heron swooped down and skidded across the water directly in front of me. Of course, I immediately grabbed my phone to take a photo and document this auspicious greeting. I felt like there was a message in this sighting, so I sat with curiosity and watched this elegant creature maneuver effortlessly across the water until it decided it was done and flew off.

What was its message, I wondered?

According to Ted Andrews in his book “Animal Speak,” heron represents self-determination and self-reliance. She snaps up opportunities and is a Jill of all trades. She follows her own innate path (Read: She marches to the beat of her own drummer). She’s not traditional and basically has her own approach to life and security. The heron sounds like a badass, frankly. Be your own woman. Strut your stuff. Share your authentic self and draw upon your unique and diverse skillset. Right on, sister.


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