Well, here it is mid-April. Spring is still holding out on us. I’m behind in my posts. And today I tried unsuccessfully to hang wall anchors. So, I’m feeling a lot of frustration. Apparently Mercury has been in retrograde. I’m blaming Mercury.

Meanwhile, I’m determined to get back on track with these posts.

One topic that’s sure to come up is my new garden. I joined a community garden at a local sustainable farm. More to come on that. I should be planting soon, now that we’re heading into the latter part of April. I’m hoping this garden will not only provide salad fixings at a reasonable price, but will also get me outside AND provide a way to vent my frustration and relax. A little working meditation, if you will, in the great outdoors. Tomorrow afternoon I’m meeting with one of the owners of the farm to plan my garden. Stay tuned.

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