Welcome! Body, Mind & Spirit (in Words & Pictures)

Welcome to my site! I’m glad you decided to stop by. You may be wondering, what do you mean by “body, mind & spirit in words & pictures”? I’ve always loved making art, though I don’t do it as much as I used to (I’m working on changing that, though). I’ve also always loved the written word, with fond memories of reading books under my covers by flashlight as a child (no wonder I’m nearsighted) from a young age. As an adult, I’ve worked in the publishing world in some form or another for the past 10 years, currently as a natural health editor. With this site, I’m combining my love of art and all things visual with my love of words and my passion for holistic health. By “holistic” I mean the whole package: mental, physical, and spiritual. And a dash of soul. I’ll be regaling you with tales from sources as riveting as my daily life and very human foibles, to some of my favorite pieces from art history and other sources of visual stimulation and healing potential. At times I’ll get serious, but I’ll try not to take myself too seriously.  I hope you’ll stick around and check back as I explore whatever strikes my fancy in an attempt to bring a little more light, beauty and love to this world that is sometimes a little crazy and a little too dark. Please pop in for a break any time!


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