Sweet Surrender: How to Let Resistance Be Your Teacher

Sometimes we don't want to do the "thing." This resistance can show up as procrastination and avoidance (kind of the same thing, really). Or, maybe it's boredom. Anxiety. Whatever mask it's wearing, if you dig deep you will find that there is resistance to something. On the surface, it may look like resistance to cleaning… Continue reading Sweet Surrender: How to Let Resistance Be Your Teacher

Cat in the rain: time for a timeout - Julie Goolsby Starr

When You Just Need to Take a Timeout

I just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. It's one of those perfect days—warm, sunny, blue sky, a light breeze. The kind of day that lifts your spirits without you even trying. Signs of spring's upcoming arrival are everywhere— yellow daffodils like fancy teacups; robins chirping; clover the size of half dollars. I… Continue reading When You Just Need to Take a Timeout

Table for one - Julie Goolsby Starr

Table for One

As Valentine's Day approaches, many of us are making romantic plans with our significant others. Some of us may be making plans with friends, whether socially-distanced-in-person get-togethers or virtual hangouts dancing across the interweb airwaves. Whatever the scenario, love is front and center in our minds. More specifically, relationships are at the forefront. We are… Continue reading Table for One

Spring: New buds

What Seeds Do You Want to Plant?

Yesterday marked the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. Nature's heartbeat grows louder and we can feel the thrumming of life just beneath the winter's surface. Soon tiny buds and green shoots will emerge. Daffodils and crocuses will lift their heads to the sun. During the… Continue reading What Seeds Do You Want to Plant?